Mission & Values


Shady Side Academy’s mission is to challenge students to think expansively, act ethically and lead responsibly.


Shady Side Academy is a vibrant learning community that values intellectual curiosity, personal integrity and diverse perspectives. Through a rigorous and balanced curriculum of academics, arts and athletics, our students are challenged to explore their passions and excel beyond expectations. Supported by active alumni and parents, 我们独特的师生导师文化激励学生成为终身学习者和参与, thoughtful citizens of their communities.

Guiding Principles

五项原则作为指导所有在Shady Side Academy社区共同生活和工作的成年人和学生的基本要点: Honesty, Kindness, Responsibility, Respect and Safety. These principles not only guide our daily activities and interactions, they point to the larger, more encompassing ideals and behaviors of integrity, thoughtfulness and compassion.

Community Norms

In 2020, 由学生领袖组成的社区协作委员会制定了以下社区规范,以促进SSA的公民话语和对不同观点的宽容: